If you’re seeking treatment for addiction, you may have noticed that many addiction treatment centers base their programs on the 12 steps, or the “AA model.” 

These 12 step programs may work for some, but they tend to have a very specific philosophy that may not work for others. Luckily, there are alternatives that are science- and medically-based—essentially non 12 step rehab programs. The Grove Recovery provides non 12 step rehab in Santa Ana, so you can get recovery in a way that works for you.

What is a Non 12 Step Rehab?

A Non 12 step program is any rehab program that does not operate by the tenants and philosophies of the 12 step program. Some of the more common issues people have with 12 step programs are that they promote these concepts:

  • You are powerless over your addiction.
  • You need a higher power (religion) in order to beat your addiction.

Non 12 step programs tend to focus more on free will and decision making, giving you the agency to overcome addiction.

Which is Better, 12 Step or Non 12 Step Rehab?

There are convincing arguments for both, so let’s explore this in more depth.

Effectiveness of Non-12-Step Recovery Approaches

Statistically, there does not seem to be a difference in success rates between the two types. Thousands have recovered from addiction using both types of programs. It simply boils down to personal preference and your personal philosophy. 

Non-12-step rehab programs often incorporate evidence-based practices and focus on personal empowerment and tailored treatment plans. They are particularly beneficial for those who prefer a more scientific approach to addiction recovery and for whom traditional 12 step programs may not resonate. While individual experiences vary, our non 12 step rehab in Santa Ana provides a viable alternative to traditional methods, supporting diverse needs in the journey toward addiction recovery.

Who Can Benefit from a Non-12-Step Rehab in Santa Ana?

A non-12-step rehab program can benefit a wide range of individuals, particularly those who:

  • Prefer a Science-Based Approach: These programs often emphasize evidence-based treatments, focusing on medical and psychological research.
  • Seek Personal Empowerment: Non-12-step programs usually focus on self-empowerment and personal responsibility, appealing to those who want to take an active role in their recovery.
  • Do Not Resonate with Spiritual or Religious Elements: For individuals uncomfortable with the spiritual or religious aspects of traditional 12-step groups, a program that does not follow those practices and adheres to a secular approach might be a better alternative.
  • Want a Customized Treatment Plan: These programs often offer more flexibility and are tailored to the individual’s unique needs and circumstances.
  • Have Had Limited Success with 12-Step Programs: People who have not found success with traditional 12-step approaches may find non-12-step programs more effective.
  • Require Integrated Mental Health Treatment: Non-12-step rehab programs often incorporate comprehensive treatment for co-occurring mental health issues alongside addiction recovery.
  • Value Privacy and Anonymity: Our programs offer a higher degree of privacy, which can be important for individuals concerned about maintaining anonymity.

If you’re searching online for “non-12-step rehab near me,” reach out to us at The Grove to learn whether our program may be right for you.

How do I know if a Non 12 Step Rehab is right for me?

When deciding whether to go down the traditional 12-step route or seeking treatment from a non 12-step rehab, it’s crucial to understand each program’s corresponding philosophies.

Both rehabs plans tend to include the following treatments:

  • One-on-one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Holistic healing and outdoor activities
  • Medication-assisted treatment

The major difference is in each program’s philosophy, and how the addiction specialists that are treating you will guide you through recovery. In a non-12-step program, your therapists will talk about what you can do to take back control over your life. In a 12-step program, staff may promote surrendering control over your addiction to a higher power.

Cost & Insurance Coverage for Non-12 Step Rehab in Santa Ana

The cost of non-12-step rehab in California varies, depending on factors such as program length, treatment type, and facility amenities. Many of these programs are covered, at least partially, by health insurance, making them accessible to a wider range of individuals. It’s important for those considering a non-12-step recovery program in Santa Ana to verify coverage with their insurance provider and discuss payment options with the treatment facility. Financial assistance, sliding scale fees, or payment plans may also be available to help manage the costs of these valuable recovery services.

The Grove is a Non-12 Step Rehab in Santa Ana, Orange County, California

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