alcohol rehab

If you are addicted to alcohol and need help, then finding the right alcohol rehab is important, and the first step in the recovery process. If you are not familiar with alcohol rehab and the programs that are offered then it is helpful to know what to expect from it.

We will try to cover the different programs and treatments offered and educate you on the process to help you make the right decision. The Grove Recovery specializes in Alcohol Rehab in Santa Ana, as well as Irvine, and all of Orange County.

Who Is Alcohol Rehab and Alcohol Detox For? Alcohol Rehab in California

Alcohol Rehab is important for anyone with an addiction to alcohol, but there are many types of treatment from 12 step programs to non 12 step programs, and holistic healing strategies. Alcohol rehab consist of detox, rehab, and aftercare. You may need alcohol rehab if you have any of the following symptoms

  • Feeling like you cannot control your drinking
  • Not Being able to Stop drinking even if you want to
  • Problems at work because of drinking
  • Problems in your home and family relationships because of drinking
  • Needing to drink more and more to get the same effects from drinking
  • Feeling Cravings For Alcohol
  • And many more…

What is Alcohol Rehab Like at a Rehab Treatment Center?

Alcohol Rehab is not easy for certain, but rehab give you the structure and support you need to find the root of your addiction and gain the tool needed to recover from the addiction and cope daily with life without the use of alcohol. During Rehab you will have daily meeting with staff and others where there will be therapy and various activities designed to help you cope. You will learn the strategies and gain structure in your daily life to battle the cravings. Group sessions will also help you cope by sharing experiences and listing to others and help build relationships with others going through the same thing to have a healthy and supportive relationship that will last long after rehab.

What sort of Alcohol Rehab Programs in California are offered for addiction treatment?

There are both inpatient and outpatient alcohol rehab programs. Inpatient rehab is more successful for most, but it requires you to live full time at a rehab facility for 1 to 3 months in order to complete the program. Outpatient programs allow you to sleep at your own home, but require you to come to the facility for a majority of the day for treatment and therapy sessions.

Outpatient allows more freedom, but that freedom can make it much more likely for you to relapse. Inpatient rehab is usually the better option and has more successful outcomes in the long term. The structure, and lack of freedom and access to alcohol helps you through the difficult part of the rehab process until you have built the tools to deal with cravings yourself.

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