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Addiction to alcohol is damaging to you and everyone who cares about you, but you are not alone. You can get the help you need and get started on the road to recovery. The first step in recovery from alcohol is Alcohol Detox. Alcohol withdrawals are not only painful and difficult, but they are dangerous and serious threat to your health. If you are ready for alcohol detox, you need highly trained professionals to make sure you are safe and healthy through your detoxification process. The Grove Recovery provides alcohol detox in Santa Ana, as well as Irvine, and Orange County

What is Alcohol Detox Look Like in California? Are alcohol withdrawals that bad?

Alcohol Withdrawals and Alcohol Detoxification is the process your body and mind go through when your body is no longer getting the alcohol it craves.

Your body can become reliant on alcohol over time, and when you stop drinking your body has to go through a period of adjustment. Alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances to detox from, please do not do this alone, it can be deadly. You need the proper medications and supervision during the process.

Do I really need a Treatment Facility for Alcohol Detox and Rehab?

You may think you can save money or that you would be more comfortable at home trying to detox, but not only is that dangerous and can even be deadly, your likelihood of a successful detox drops significantly as well. Alcohol withdrawals can be a painful experience.

Your likelihood of relapse is extremely high if you try to detox at home because you are free to just go grab a drink whenever you want. The structure, and supervision, and support that you get a facilities and from experienced staff help you stay on the path to a full recovery, and prevent a relapse.

Detoxing in a facility is much safer and much more comfortable. Alcohol detox is hard on the body and you need the right medications to help manage the withdrawal symptoms and have professional medical help if there are any complications.

How long does Alcohol Detox in California take? Does alcoholism effect the length of your Detox?

The time it takes to detox can vary widely depending on a number of factors that may come into play. Things like how long and how much you have been drinking, your age and gender, family and genetic history, and more can all have an effect on the time it takes to detox from alcohol.

On average the detox time for alcohol is around 72 hours but can be longer or shorter depending on many things.

The Grove in California, Santa Ana and Orange County Provides one of the Best Alcohol Detox Programs in the West Coast.

If you are ready to begin your journey to recovery and need to detox from alcohol, then call us today at The Grove in CaliforniaSanta Ana, Irvine, Tustin Legacy, and Orange County. We have the Professional Staff and facilities to help you have a safe and lasting recovery from alcohol addiction.

Call us today and one of our specialist can help you get stated and give you the information you need to begin your recovery.