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Addiction impacts people of all ages. Having a teen that is struggling with addiction is incredibly difficult to say the least. There are programs that specialize in addiction treatment and rehab for teens. If you want your teen to beat their addiction, then a rehab for teens is your best chance to help them. The Grove Recovery provides rehab for teens in Santa Ana, as well as Irvine, and all of Orange County. Learn more about teen rehab below.

What is rehab for teens like?

The actual rehab and treatments in a rehab for teens are much the same as they are for adults, they both offer:

  • One on One therapy
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Holistic healing and outdoor activities
  • Behavioral health treatments

The major difference in rehab for teens and rehab for adults is the programs are built around the perspective of teen and mental health professional that specialize in adolescent and developmental psychology and addiction treatment. Rehab for teens ensures these programs resonate with youth and their experience, and they get the targeted support they need. Imagine a teen having a group session with adult addicts, that isn’t a good experience, These teens need to resonate with their peers.

How do you know is Rehab for Teens is right for your Child?

Many teens and young adults use substances like alcohol and marijuana recreationally. So how do you know if your child needs rehab or not? There are a few signs you can look for in their behavior, including:

  • Relapses
  • Isolation
  • Dangerous behavior
  • Struggling with school
  • Mental health issues like depression and anxiety

If your child is experiencing one or more of these symptoms, then there’s a good chance that they need professional assistance to recover. Rehab for teens is the most effective way to save their life and get them the best treatment possible.

What options to look for when evaluation a rehab for teens

Most rehabs for teens offer very similar services and options like 1 on 1 therapy, group therapy, and outdoor activities, holistic healing, and more, but you can still look for these differences:

The experience and education of staff is an important factor to consider. Does the staff seem to have a rapport with younger people. Are there other teens in treatment at the facility, and are the available activities and amenities geared towards their likes and interests.

The Grove in Santa Ana, Orange County California can connect you with Rehab for Teens

The Grove recovery can connect you with a rehab for teens in Santa Ana, Orange County, California. The staff is highly gifted and experienced in addiction treatment. We would love the opportunity to speak with you about rehab for your teen, and see they get on and stay on the path to recovery and a sober and clean life.

Call us today and one of our specialist can help you get stated and give you the information you need to begin your recovery.