There are many types of addiction treatment programs. If you want to beat your addiction, one of the programs you may consider is a Partial Hospitalization Program. PHP is one of the lesser known types of rehab but is a valid treatment option of addicts in need of recovery.The Grove Recovery provides partial hospitalization programs in Santa Ana. Learn More about PHP treatment below.

What is PHP?

PHP stand for partial hospitalization program. It is a type of intensive outpatient treatment that has many of the same therapies a standard rehab does.

PHP includes many of the same therapies such as 1 on 1 therapy, group therapy, MAT, and more. The main difference between inpatient rehab and PHP is you will live at home and have more flexibility and come to the facility for treatment rather than living in a facility for 1 to 3 months as an inpatient. For some that flexibility is important as many people have extenuating circumstance that prevent them from being able to complete an inpatient program.

What is it like in a PHP?

You will spend most of your day in treatment at the facility. You will receive the same therapies that an inpatient would, including:

  • One on one therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Holistic healing and outdoor activities

Multiple forms of therapy is very helpful in recovery, PHPs let you take advantage of this with a format that’s less rigid and provides some freedom.

Is PHP the right plan for me?

PHPs provide you with a lot more freedom than inpatient rehab. This can good be good or bad depending on your situation. That freedom may be something you need due to personal obligations, however it also can but you in a situation where you face triggers, and temptation to relapse, where inpatient rehab prevents that entirely. If you have a stressful home life or unstable home life, these stressors also make it easy to relapse. If you do have a stable support system at home though PHP could work well for you. Some don’t have a choice. The main thing is to make the best decision for you and get treatment. Some treatment is always better than no treatment.

The Grove in Santa Ana Orange County California can connect you with a PHP and rehab for addiction.

If you are serious about getting addiction treatment and want to learn more about PHP or our other addiction treatment programs, please call us today at our Santa Ana, Orange County facility. Our addiction treatment specialist are waiting to hear from you and will gladly talk about the options and guide you through choosing the best treatment for you.

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