intensive outpatient program

Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP are probably the next best thing to an inpatient rehab program. They are a very involved outpatient program where you are required to spend almost the entire day in treatment at the facility, but get to go home and sleep in your own bed at night. These programs can work for some who need the flexibility.

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IOP is short for intensive outpatient program. It is an addiction treatment program that gives you intense addiction treatment during the day, but allows you to return to your home and stay the night and return again in the morning. IOPs can be used to treat not only addiction but also mental health issues. IOPs include 1 0n 1 therapy, group therapy, treatment plans, behavioral therapy, and other long term treatment options. They can provide medication and medication management. IOP programs are more intensive than a regular outpatient program, or PHP, Partial Hospitalization Program.

What is Intensive Outpatient Program Treatment like?

There are a few types of therapy involved. IOPs include 1 on 1 therapy first in order to get to the root of your addiction problems and help you create coping strategies, and the tools to fight cravings and relapses when confronted with the triggers and stresses of everyday life. There will also be Group therapy to help you build relationships and support systems with others that are in recovery. You may also participate in outdoor activities or holistic practices such as yoga or meditation in order to give you healthy habits and outlets for dealing with issues.

How do I know if IOP is right for me?

The main thing to consider is how do you feel about living at home while receiving addiction treatment. Your time may be split and you may not be able to focus 100 percent on recovery, You also may find yourself tempted to relapse because there is more freedom that may allow access to the substance you are addicted to. However some prefer IOP instead of inpatient rehab. If you do not have a stable home life, IOP is not recommended because those stressors can easily cause a relapse unless you have developed the tools to deal with that. IF you do have a stable situation and a supportive network then it could be a good option. If you feel like you can handle it then you should discuss it with an addiction treatment specialist and see if it is a good choice for you.

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